The beaches


The cosmopolitan island on Northern Sporades (covering an area of 45 has been the top destination for thousands of tourists just in a few years. It can be reached by boat from Volos port (41 n.m.) and it’s an international tourist destination.

photo of Koukounaries beach, Skiathos



This is most famous beach of Skiathos and one of the most widely – known beaches in Europe. It is known as “Chrisi Ammos – Golden Sand” since the sand there is extremely fine and shines under the summer sun. This beach offers the visitors its deep-blue, crystal-clear waters and a unique chance for a rest since the forest of Koukounaries reaches down to the sea. In this forest, there is the lagoon of Strofylia which together with the forest of Koukounaries are a rate aquatic natural reverse. this is protected under the supervision of the Municipality of Skiathos. There is a large variety of hotels, hostels, camping sites, tavernas, restaurants, bars, “ouzeri”, and cafes in Koukounaries. You are also able to do the water sports of your choice, or even rent a boat or play tennis in onr of the nearby hotels. The beach of Koukounaries is situated on the southwestern tip of Skiathos. Apart from all the above, the sunset is spectacular there and it is something worth experiencing.



Lalaria is one of the nicest and most picturesque beaches of Greece and it is situated on the northeastern tip of the island. The northern winds fall with rage on the steep purely white cliffs, towering impressively over the sea. There winds have been creating for millions of years the round, white pebbles called “lalaria” which cover the whole beach.

photo of Lalaria beach, Skiathos
photo of Vromolimnos beach, Skiathos



On the western tip of the cape of Kalamaki and in front of a dry swamp, there is this beautiful beach with calm, clear waters and marvellous fine sand. It is full of life and a lot of young people gather here. Next to the water, there are tavernas and cafes, a Beach Volley court and water sports facilities.  You can reach Vromolimnos by road or by boat leaving from the port of Skiathos.



It is an area on the northeastern coast of the island with three beaches of unparalleled beauty. They are not sandy but are covered by thick pebbles. The waters are lucid and cool. The view is magnificent since these beaches are located exactly opposite Skopelos. In Xanemos and on the site called Kefala, ruins of a pre-historic settlement have been discovered. There is a canteen offering coffe, drinks and cold snacks. Xanemos is 2.5 km from the city of Skiathos and you can reach it if you take the road leading to the airport. There are hostels, rented rooms and a hotel in the area. There is also public transport from the city of Skiathos.

photo of Ksanemos beach, Skiathos
photo of a party at Banana beach, Skiathos



This bay was originally called Krassa, but later it was named Banana after the nudist beach which used to be there.  The pine trees here complete the beautiful landscape in a unique way and the sea shines brilliantly under the blazing sun.  If you decide to go to Banana by bus, be prepared to walk for a while from the nearest bus stop. The beach is a meeting place for many young people since it offers water sports facilities, tavernas and cafeterias full of life and action.