Sports & Activities


Skiathos offers a wide variety of activities, such as Watersports, Trekking, Scuba Diving, Fishing, Horse Riding, Sailing, Mountain Biking and even an Aeroclub, to name some of them.

scuba diving in the deep blue Skiathos' waters

Scuba Diving


Diving in Skiathos’ waters is a unique experience, since you will have the chance to dive in & around beautiful reefs, shipwrecks, caves – like the red coral Poseidon’s Cave – as well as other underwater attractions. Always watched after by experienced divers.

At Koukounaries beach, you’ll find Skiathos Diving Center , among other watersports establishments. There you can select among its various scuba diving excursions in the Aegean waters and the wonderfully rich Skiathos’ sea bed



At the island of Skiathos’ beaches, you can enjoy numerous watersports and water games. Have a go at Water-skiing, at Jet-skiing, at Parasailing, at the Watertubes, at Windsurfing and many other sports, and have the time of your life!

Visit the magnificent Vasilias beach and enjoy all the forementioned watersports at  Stefanos Ski School .

watersports in Skiathos
photo of horse riding in Skiathos

Horse Riding


Skiathos’ Horse Riding Center is located behind the Koukounaries beach. Experience a trully unique way of sight seeing and have an interestingly relaxing time away from the bustling beach bars and taverns

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Mountain Biking


You can Mountain Bike at Skiathos, every day during the May to October month span. Although Skiathos is a small island, it’s got quite a few 3 to 5 hour long bike routes, through lush forests and plantations. The starting point is the third bus stop of the bus route Skiathos to Koukounaries. Suitable for anyone whose 16 years of age and older

For more info go to  Skiathos Mountain Bikes .

mountain biking photo in Skiathos